EMI / RFI Shielded Conduit

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SHIELD-FLEX represents a line of three shielded conduits, SLA, EMS and EMCS. It is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).

Markets For Shield-Flex:

  • Medical

  • Military

  • Industrial

  • Government/Defense

  • Commercial

  • Telecommunications

  • Aerospace

  • Public Transit

  • Utilities


Applications / Vertical Markets

  • Air handling equipment (HVAC)

  • Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Data Centers

  • Variable Speed Drives

  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) (CAGE Code: 09641)

  • CE European Standard

  • Radio Broadband/Antenna

  • Solar/Wind Energy

  • Ship Building

  • Health Care / Medical

  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment

  • Wireless Communications


Shielded conduit provides exceptional shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Use it to protect sensitive electronic circuits from outside noise in such applications as communications, radar and data transmission. But shielded conduit doesnt just keep interference out; it also keeps emissions in, which is vital to meeting European CE standards an important issue for OEMs.

Shield-Flex shields sensitive equipment and circuits from EMI/RFI emissions; both ingress and egress. Connector assemblies include a grounding ferrule that contacts the conduits internal metallic material with the connector body, producing a direct shield-to-drain (ground) simply by tightening the connector. Its flexibility and simple assembly means it takes less time to install. It uses off-the-shelf (OTS) connectors that are less expensive than high-end, mil spec shielded conduit that require costly custom fittings.




Shield-Flex, SLA, EMS, EMCS, HFSLA, HFEMS and HFEMCS are trademarks of Electri-Flex Company, registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


This series of shielding conduits consists of three configurations: Type SLA, Type EMS, and Type EMCS.


With three levels of effectiveness to choose from, Shield-Flex can meet your needs.



         Good Shielding:

      Type SLA is identical to standard UL listed liquidtight flexible steel conduit, but is augmented with a tinned copper shielding braid located over the inner steel core and under its protective PVC jacket. It has a working temperature range of -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C) and the shielding braid offers a minimum of 90% shielding coverage.


         Better Shielding:


      Type EMS offers a better shielding effectiveness than Type SLA and has a working temperature range of -67F to 221F (-55C to 105C). Type EMS has an inner core made from a fully interlocked bronze strip and does not contain a braided shield. An all-temperature PVC jacket is extruded over the core, resulting in a sealed, waterproof raceway when assembled with liquidtight fittings.



         BEST Shielding:

      Type EMCS is a hybrid of SLA and EMS because it utilizes the same bronze core and PVC jacket as EMS but gets further screening protection from a tinned copper braid as found in the SLA

product. Type EMCS offers the same working temperatures as EMS.



Halogen-Free (HF) Series: For a low-smoke, low-flame spread, zero-halogen version, ask for HFSLA, HFEMS, or HFEMCS. Its ideal for field installation in confined, public areas such as subways, tunnels, etc. The jacketing material virtually eliminates the release of acidic gases found in PVC products.


 The graph below depicts a general comparative shielding effectiveness (attenuation in dBs) of all three types of SHIELD-FLEX conduit.  The dotted line indicates a comparison to standard unshielded liquidtight flexible conduit Type LA.  The spectrum of test frequency is from 1 MHz to 10 MHz Electric Field, to 100 MHZ to 1 GHz Planewave Field and 2 GHz to 6 GHz Microwave Field.  Tests were performed per MIL-STD-285 on 1" trade size conduit using standard liquidtight fittings from Thomas & Betts series 3500.  Results are based on controlled laboratory conditions and may vary in actual field installed conditions.

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