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Search and select the best flexible electrical conduit for your specifications from the following product categories: Jacketed Metallic, EMI/RFI Shielded, Unjacketed Metallic and Nonmetallic or Nylon.

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Search and select the best conduit by market: Aerospace, Construction, Data Centers, Defense, Food Processing, Healthcare, Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Plants, Rail/Transit, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Steel Mills, and Telecommunications.

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Learn what makes Liquatite® conduit the highest quality flexible electrical conduit in the Industry. With over 50 offerings, its breadth of line makes it the most diverse conduit line in the World with respect to sizes, types and colors available.

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“Quality, service, fair distributor margins and loyalty to one’s business partners has been the theme since our Company began. It will continue to be the benchmark by which our Company will be judged.”

-H.W. “West” Kinander, Jr

Former President & Co-owner in 1991

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