Cutting Vise

It quickly and accurately cuts conduit, raceways, etc., and that means there are no ragged ends, crushed or out-of- round conduit, or jagged bias cuts that have to be re-cut. It saves both time and materials. And it’s built rugged to last for years. Use it for 3/8” through 1-1/2” Liquatite. Weight 2.4 pounds / PN: 90030

Lazy Louie Reel Payout Stand

Safe and easy handling of conduit for contractor and high-rise work. This rugged, yet simple payout reel easily handles reels (32″ diameter and smaller) hassle-free and can take loaded reels of 400 lbs. capacity.

The tough steel construction of the base, roller bearings and top plate make dispensing conduit fast and efficient, while the tubular shaft makes set up and handling a breeze. There’s never a need of a hoist or a forklift to push the reels around. With the Lazy Louie, you set up where you want to work and that’s it.

Weight 11 pounds / PN: 90040