NEMA Locking

  • Locking connectors provide a more reliable connection
  • Helps prevent disconnects typically caused by vibration or incidental impact
  • Available in a variety of standardized configurations
  • Designed so that different voltages and currents cannot be accidentally intermated
  • Quoted Assemblies include Hubbell – NEMA Twistlock ® Locking Devise

Russellstoll ®

  • Toughest construction in thermoplastic safety in UL 94-VO flame rated DuraV material
  • DurOring sealed pins, sleeves and interiors are watertight even unmated
  • 30A and 50A unique circuit interlock line in DuraV are the best choices in all standard voltage polarization options through 600VAC (interlock to 480VAC)
  • Angle type plugs-the original 60A main power computer system connector-are available in UL94-VO specialty material (Aluminum Connectors)
  • Other lines such as MaxGard should be used for change out when possible
  • A product of Thomas & Betts Corporation

IEC Pin and Sleeve

  • IEC 60309 (formerly IEC 309) is an international standard for plugs, socket- outlets and couplers for industrial purposes
  • Includes a range of plugs and sockets of different sizes with differing numbers of pins, depending on the current supplied and number of phases accommodated
  • Prevents potential users from connecting domestic appliances to the sockets
  • Used for heavy current demands and when three phases are needed
  • Quoted Assemblies include Hubbell IEC Pin and Sleeve
  • IP44 (Splash-Proof) is available upon request, a preferred solution for open-air conditions
  • Housing are Supertuff® Zytel 101 Nylon
  • VO rated Thermoset contact carriers. Complete VO rated devices available upon request